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What is Junior M.A.P.?

Junior My Action Plan to Education (Jr. M.A.P.) is geared to students who are in grades 4 through 8. We provide personalized academic support for all students based on their grade and need. All participants must be members of the BGCL and complete a Junior M.A.P. application to be registered.

Virtual Learning vs In-Person Learning

Virtual Learning: This will look slightly different for each child. We want to ensure your child receives the support they need to meet their individualized needs. Generally speaking, students will be offered virtual tutoring and/or virtual resources.

Virtual Tutoring: 40-minute tutoring sessions placed with a tutor and the M.A.P. Coordinator or Part-Time Staff in in small groups or individually (depending on need and number of available tutors).

Virtual Resources: Access to a variety of activities planned and assigned by the M.A.P. Coordinator. This could be access to virtual academic websites (ex. Khan Academy, Prodigy, Lalilo, etc.) OR activities designed by the M.A.P. Coordinator and shared via Google Drive.

In-Person Learning: This will look like a “typical M.A.P. day” prior to shutdowns. The only difference is participants will be placed in significantly smaller groups (5-10 students per evening). Students will be assigned tutors and will have the option of working on homework or assigned work by the M.A.P. Coordinator. There will also be an “open session” to focus on developing social-emotional skills.

**Please note: You can opt out of in-person OR virtual support if you do not feel comfortable with either. Additional virtual support can be provided, however opting out of virtual support does not increase the number of in-person sessions – those will only be available bi-weekly. 

Topics/Goals We’ll Cover

Our goal is to encourage and support students academically and socially by focusing on improving:

  • Literacy Skills
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Overall Academic Performance
  • Social Skills

When is it Offered?

We will be returning in the fall with a blended in-person and virtual experiences for our Jr. M.A.P. participants!

Participants will be placed in cohorts. Those Cohorts will be able to come to the Boys & Girls Club bi-weekly on an assigned day (Monday to Friday). On the week they do not physically come to the club, they will have a virtual opportunity. (Ex. Week 1 – in-person, Week 2 – virtual, Week 3 – in-person, Week 4 – virtual, etc.).

Monday and Thursday will be virtual learning only. 

Tuesday and Wednesday offers blended Learning, in person/ virtual rotation. 

We will not be returning to the schools at this time.

In-Person - Evening Schedule

4:00 p.m.-4:15 p.m.Arrive at the Boys & Girls Club and sign-in. Your child’s temperature will be checked upon arrival and parents/guardians will have to complete a screening form. Once they are signed-in they must go straight to the M.A.P. room on the second floor.  **Masks are mandatory for anyone above the ages of 12, but we encourage the use of masks for all (click here for information about masks). All Staff and Volunteers will be in masks. 
4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m. Individualized/group tutoring, homework help, etc. 
5:15 p.m.-5:30 p.m. Supper Club – participants will eat in the M.A.P. room. **Optional & Must Pre-Register  
5:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Open Session – This could also be used for additional tutoring time. Topics include friendships/relationships, communication, studying tips, bullying, coding, etc. 

Virtual Learning - Evening Schedule

4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Children will log onto Zoom (Video Call Application) and work individually or in a small group with a tutor and the Coordinator and/or a Part-Time Staff. Children will be accommodated to the best of the Club's ability but can be placed in any cohort if required.

*Individually scheduled – especially if the child is opting out of in-person classes – Contact us to make accommodations.

For more information

Please contact:
Spencer Momney
Education & Leadership Program Coordinator - Junior M.A.P. (Grades 4 to 8)
519-434-9115 ext. 264

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